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We help you find the best Carbon Filters that get peace of mind knowing your household water is clean and safe to use.

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Eco Star Home Services provides high-quality Carbon Filters specifically engineered to effectively decrease the maximum level of contaminants and impurities in household water. Through chemical adsorption, these filters ensure that your water is clean and safe for everyday use.

What are carbon filters?

Carbon filters, similar to other water filtration systems, act as barriers to trap substances that can contaminate your safe drinking water. The ancient Egyptians were the pioneers in recognizing the detoxifying properties of carbon. Even today, carbon is employed to eliminate contaminants from water, enhancing the taste and odor of foods and beverages.

How does a carbon filter work?

Carbon filters employ adsorption to eliminate contaminants. Unlike absorption, which absorbs particles like a sponge to water, adsorption binds particles to a surface, akin to Velcro. The organic compounds adhere or bond to the surface of a carbon filter because both water and contaminants are polar compounds that attract each other.
Carbon filters possess high porosity and a substantial surface area, making them adept at
reducing unpleasant tastes, odors, and other particles in water. The minute pores are measured in microns, with a finer filtration achieved as the micron size decreases.
A low flow rate and pressure provide contaminants with more time to adhere to the carbon. The efficiency of filtration increases as water has extended contact time with the surface of a carbon filter.

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Are carbon water filters safe?

Carbon water filters are considered safe, particularly when they have received third-party ratings for material safety. All carbon filters are typically rated for CTO (chlorine, taste, and odor) removal, and those with sub-micron carbon blocks can additionally eliminate contaminants such as lead or cysts. Activated carbon block filters with sub-micron ratings excel in going beyond basic filtration by employing mechanical filtration. In essence, mechanical filters operate like a screen door, blocking unwanted elements while allowing clean water to pass through. The pores of a carbon block filter measuring less than one micron are too small for cysts to pass through.

Is a carbon filter effective?

Carbon filters excel in eliminating chlorine, disinfection by-products such as trihalomethanes, and undesirable tastes and odors. Certain filters are rated to mechanically filter out additional contaminants. However, if your water contains elevated levels of inorganic compounds and dissolved solids, it is advisable to employ a reverse osmosis system for effective treatment.

How often should you change your carbon filter?

Replace your carbon filter every six months to one year, and avoid using it beyond the one-year mark. Delaying the filter change could result in degraded water quality compared to before treatment. When the pores of a carbon filter become saturated, accumulated particles may start to detach from the carbon and enter your water supply.

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Fusion2 is manufactured by Waterite, which is a hybrid manufacturing and distribution company that specializes in products for the water treatment, conditioning and purification industry. Its national Canadian network of distributors and water quality specialists supply the residential, industrial, institutional, and municipal markets.

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