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Looking to install
High-Efficiency Gas Boilers

We help you find the best heating system

for your home indoor environment.

Our Services:

Replace & Install



Enjoy long-lasting comfort with good costs?

Eco Star Home Services carries efficient and reliable Boilers designed to distribute spare warm and hot water evenly throughout homes equipped with radiant heat, gas, or oil-fired systems.

Whether you require an endless supply of hot water,
efficient home heating, or both, you'll discover the most energy-efficient solution right here.

What to Look For In A Home Boiler?

Comfort Features

Efficient gas and oil boilers ensure reliable warmth during cold weather.


Energy Savings

A boiler's efficiency is measured by its Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating, similar to how a car's fuel efficiency is measured by its miles per gallon (MPG). A higher AFUE rating indicates a more energy-efficient boiler.

Humidity Control

Consistent humidity levels in your home can significantly enhance your comfort. Modulating boilers ensure reliable temperature and humidity control, resulting in greater comfort during the winter.



Boilers deliver high performance while occupying a compact space. The small size of modulating units allows for more versatility in new installations and seamless replacement of larger existing units.

Whatever your priority

Be it affordability, control, or comfort
— we have a boiler that fits.

Contact us to share your thoughts on building a comfortable living environment, we help you implement your needs.

Which Boiler Is Right For Your Home?

with us to discover more wider range of products that satisfy your needs.

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Have questions?

Why not ask our Experts?

Here to answer your questions and guide you through to make a more informed decision. 

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