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Water Heaters & Treatments

Enjoying High Quality Water Right From Your Tap.

Our Services:

Replace & Install



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Get Efficient & Affordable WATER HEATERS in Toronto

Think of how often you use hot water in your home. Whether for showers and baths, laundry and dishes, or pets and hand washing, your family needs a hot water system it can count on, every day, for years to come.

Get Efficient & Safe Water TREATMENTS in Toronto

Soft water is good for your beauty, health and home. A modest investment in a water conditioner for your home or business can offer you years of worry-free enjoyment.

Buy & Install

Invest in water heaters and make your home comfortable. We provide same-day installation of energy-efficient water heaters in Toronto. Our products are supplied by leading brands like Rheem and Rinnai.

Rent & Install

If you don’t feel ready to buy water heater equipment, you can simply rent it. This allows you to pay less upfront and save money on maintenance and repairs. Plus, you can buy your equipment any time.


We understand how inconvenient and frustrated it could be to have no hot water at your fingertips when you need it. You don’t have to be an Eco Star customer to take advantage of our repair services. Our certified technicians are just a call away to fix the problem fast. You can count on us to get back on track. Consider getting a brand new high efficiency water heater rather than fixing the old equipment? Contact us to check out our affordable new water heaters for rental or for purchase.

Water Heater Rental Exclusive Benefits*:

Water Heater Rental

✓ No upfront costs

✓ Innovative and top brand products

✓ Free superior installation services

✓ Unlimited service calls

✓ Competitive monthly rental rates

✓ Priority installation in as little as 12 hours

✓ Priority service and 24/7/365 live phone support

✓ Free parts and labour coverage for repairs

✓ Free replacement if the heater breaks and can’t be repaired

All applicable benefits available to Eco Star Rental Furnace customers whose equipment is not operational (for example, not heating). On average, Eco Star attends to furnace/boiler, central air conditioner, or water heater non-operational calls 90% of the time the same day. Subject to terms and conditions of the applicable rental agreement.

Not sure if you should buy or rent?

Our expert team can outline both options for you and help you make the right decision that fits your family’s needs and budget

​Speak with an Expert 416-321-8666

We Sell / Rent Water Heaters & Treatments Equipment


Tankless Water Heaters


Carbon Filters


Hot Water Heaters

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Reverse Osmosis
Drinking Systems

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Water Softners

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Disinfection Systmems


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Water Heaters Repair

water heater repair

 24/7 HVAC Emergency Service 90% of the time on the same day
✓ Repair service by experienced and reliable HVAC technicians
 Quickly repairing to Keep Warm is no joke in the cold weather 
✓ Provide a suitable solution to fixing or replace the old equipment in an affordable way

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Have questions?

Why not ask our Experts?

Don’t hesitate to make a consultation,
let us understand your needs and offer the most fitting assistance.

​Speak with our Experts 416-321-8666

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