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Eco Star Home Services offers effective and dependable Air Handlers, complementing your heating systems to assist in treating the air through humidifiers and furnaces. These systems are designed to distribute warm air throughout your home and circulate it back to the Air Handlers.

What Is an Air Handler (Fan Coil Unit)?

An air handler, also referred to as a "fan coil unit," is a box-shaped apparatus containing a blower. Typically situated indoors, it is paired with a furnace or heat pump. Additionally, the unit might include an air filter, either integrated within the device or as a separate component.

Interestingly, a furnace technically serves as an air handler, not only producing hot air in winter but also employing its blower to distribute conditioned air throughout the home. In the summer, the furnace's blower collaborates with the air conditioner or heat pump to extract hot air from the residence and circulate cool air.

Cost and Choice
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Why Do You Need an Air Handler?

✓ The primary function is to circulate air within your home through the ducts and your home
Avoid the air conditioning or furnace unit's ineffective
To distribute cooled or heated air throughout the home paired with either a heat pump or an air conditioner
In emergency use:  when auxiliary heat is necessary, heating strips can be added to the unit. 
To enhance indoor air comfort: add items such as humidifiers, dehumidifiers, HEPA filters, etc.

Who can Benefit from an Air Handler?


Not rely on Gas

if you have baseboard heating and don't have access to gas, an air handler with a heat pump is a great option. This also applies to new home constructions using an all-electric system with an air handler can be used instead of a furnace. 


Indoor Air Quality

Equipped with the air filter, provides fresher, cleaner air that is blown through your home by enhancing the air recirculation rate. 


Equipment Upgrade

An air handler can be an ideal solution for homeowners who are satisfied with their current heating system, but want to add air conditioning to their home. 


Energy Savings

Relying on heat strips during the winter can lead to higher electricity bills.

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