About Us


Eco Star Home Services Co. is a leading HVAC home comfort company serving in GTA area more than 15 years. In the past 15 years we have served more than 200,000 clients; where we did maintenance, repair as well as replacement of heating, cooling and ventilation systems. We are one of the fastest growing companies in the HVAC world.

Eco Star, the Trusted Brand In The HVAC World.

Customers choose us for many good reasons:

#1: We are fully licensed,

#2: We are insured,

#3: We are experienced,

#4: We are Friendly,


Most importantly, we help to:

Put Savings Back In Your Pocket

Eco-star has a professional and knowledgeable Energy Consultant Team to fulfill your inquiries and requests. We provide the best and valuable solutions for your needs. Our goal is simple: if we can solve the HVAC issues at once with minimal cost, we will never recommend our customers to replace their unit.

Drastically Cut Down Your Utility Bills

Our goal is not only to provide comfort to your home in the winter and cool your home in the summer. We are dedicated in helping our customers to avoid constant and costly repairs in vicious circle.

Eco-star offers various payment options to help customers, e.g. short term financing and rent to own.

At Eco-star, we only offer the best value, highest quality HVAC products that will guarantee to reduce customer’s utility bills.

Eco Star, Many Satisfied Clients in Your Neighborhood !

Your home is important to us. Join us – Save money – Save Energy. Call us now 1-855-321-8666 or contact us. Eco Star Group exceeds your expectations – contact us and check out our amazing surprise that awaits you!


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