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Upgrade to a high efficient furnace and get a free Heat Pump

Congratulations! The Canadian government is offering a $7,100 grant to all homes that upgrade their heating systems. It’s called The Home Efficiency Rebate Plus (HER+) and it starts January, 2023. Plus, any home that trades in an old Carrier furnace can save an extra $700! For houses under 2500 sqft, a furnace upgrade means you can get a Heat Pump included for FREE! Please call us for a complimentary estimation.

Limited-Time Special

$7100+$700* trade-in rebate

Exclusive to Carrier-Authorized Dealers

Get $9,100 in rebates

Get $5,600 in Rebates

  • Government Rebate $7,100
  • Extra $700 Trade-In Rebate From Carrier
  • Free Smart thermostat

Get up to $7,800 in rebates

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How Ecostar Guarantees Your Rebates

  • Submit your online form to Eco Star.
  • We will send someone a free assessment and estimate quote
  • Certified energy audit agent visit for the pro audit assessment
  • If qualified, you get to sign a contract with a 10% deposit.
  • There are two heating sources available (Furnace & heat pump), in-case of emergency.

Why Heat Pump

  • Environmental friendly – 50% less Greenhouse gas emission/less house carbon foot print.
  • Save on home heating cost, as gas prices are going up and more sanctions will be implemented i.e. carbon tax.
  • Safe Heating, as no furnace operation means no carbon-monoxide risk associated with combustion gases.
  • No fire hazard in the house, no smoke, flue gases.
  • Either heat pump or furnace can be chose,  depending on the utility rates during the day/night.
  • There are two heating sources available (Furnace & heat pump), in-case of emergency.
  • Heat pump has 6-7 months of operation is better ROI than AC which has 3-4 months of operation.
  • Hybrid thermostat automatically switch operation between Furnace and Heat pump.

Get up to $7,800 in rebates

Call Now: 647-496-6656

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20 Years of Experience

Trusted by 200,000+ customers Free consultations & estimations. Licensed & ertified technicians

Honest&Competitive Pricing

If you find a quote lower than ours, without hidden fees, bring it to us and we’ll beat it by 5%.

Certified Carrier dealer

Certified dealer for Carrier and an exclusive 10-year warranty gives you a worry-free experience

24/7 Emergency Services

Standby technicians, reliable & prompt response services

Heat Pump Special

Rebate up to


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What Customers Say

Why choose us?

Jeosph is very professional and thoughtful. I finally choose Eco Star to replace my water tank ,furnace , and AC with heat pump AC and furnace, also tankless water heater. I hope these appliances can save my energy cost every year in future .

Andi was super helpful in answering all my questions, providing honest suggestions and advice, and was able to asap set up the installation YORK 100,000BTU FURNACE TM9V along with rebate of $150USD homeowner rebate + $300 CAD MASTERCARD REBATE until DEC 31 2022 . Andi team were both professional and cleaned up everything after they were finished. HAD issues with the thermostat called late at 10 still able to answer my call. So far it's been my first day and everything works smoothly. I highly recommend Andi for his trusted service.

Really professional update of hvac system. Handled everything from needed audits and other stuff needed for govt rebate on energy efficiency upgrades.Also one of the only few installers of heat pump

Get up to $7,800 in rebates

Call Now: 647-496-6656

What We Do


Heat your home during the cold Ontario winters with our world-class furnaces.


We provide the highest quality A/C for your home so you and your family can bear the summer heat.

Water Heater & Treatment

The most essential appliance. We make sure your family doesn’t have to worry about hot water.

Water Softeners

Soft water is good for your family, A modest investment in a water conditioner for your home or business.


From inspectation, we can identify issues and address them BEFORE they become costly problems for you .


A good attic insulation keeps your temperature constant. No longer worry about the utility bills skyrocketing during extreme seasons.

New Furnace start from $1,200

After Carrier and Gov. Rebate
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Emergency Service

Call our emergency service line for a fast response that will get your heat and A/C working again as soon as possible. Our phones are answered by live professionals 24/7, 365 days per year!



Up to 70% Off for 20th anniversary

Ecostar Home Services has been serving GTA for 20 years. Our services include:Furnaces, water heaters, & AC installations. Free consultations Free rebate applicationsAfter-service maintenance

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