Eliminate dry air irritants and reduce the risk of respiratory infections by optimizing humidity in your home.

HE105C Honeywell Home Bypass Humidifier


In the winter, humidifiers provide comfort throughout the home by using central heating and cooling systems to prevent indoor air from becoming too dry and uncomfortable. The HE105C Whole House Bypass Humidifier offers the same level of quality as Honeywell humidifiers, but at a more competitive price. It's an easy way to expand Honeywell's offerings and profit from them as well. Optimized humidity levels in the home eliminate the irritants associated with dry air, including the risk of respiratory infections. With its universal design and easy-to-use pad, this humidifier helps manage indoor humidity levels and creates a pleasant environment.


Easy Control
Easy-to-use humidity control included.
Protects Wood Floors and Furnishings
Moisture content is stabilized so wood won’t dry or crack.
Energy Savings
Humidification control makes your home feel comfortable at a lower temperature — so you can turn down your thermostat and save more money.
Home Comfort
Enjoy healthier conditions and improved comfort with this simple solution.


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