Remove excess moisture and increase comfort with minimal maintenance.

DR65A3000 Honeywell Whole-Home Dehumidifier


In the summertime, the Honeywell Whole-Home Dehumidifier removes excess moisture from the air, making your home feel less sticky and hot. Excess humidity promotes mold growth, condensation, and may even contribute to increased energy usage. Properly dehumidified air is not only healthier and more comfortable, but it can also reduce your summertime energy bills. With less moisture in your home, you can set your thermostat higher and run your air conditioner less. You can save between 5% and 7% on your cooling bill for every two degrees you raise the temperature during the summer.


Remove Moisture from Your Home
For greater comfort and energy savings, the Honeywell Home DR65 Dehumidifier can remove up to 65 pints of moisture per day from your entire home.
Ultra-Low Maintenance
The Honeywell Home DR65 Whole Home Dehumidifier drains the water it pulls from the air automatically, so you don't have to empty the reservoir by hand. And you only need to change the filter once a year under normal conditions.
More Comfort. Better Savings
Less moisture in your home reduces the strain on your air conditioner. This means you can potentially save energy and save money on your energy bill. It's also features quiet operation and an unobtrusive design.


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