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MaxAir Air Handler


The MAXAIR™ High Velocity Air Handlers are specifically designed for use in single and multi-tenant residential and commercial applications. MaxAir air handlers are the smallest units available in their capacity range. The design provides flexibility in installation options resulting in small space requirements. The product line is available in three models: 30, 50, 70 & 100, providing efficient capacity for a wide range of applications. The MAXAIR™ product line offers the quietest operating air handler available.


Max Savings
The FLEXAIR insulated 2½" supply duct will fit in a standard 2"x4" wall cavity.
Max Service
All mechanical and electrical components are accessible from the front of the unit.
Max Flexibility
The supply outlets can be placed in the wall, ceiling or floor.
Max Guarantee
1-year parts and labour, 2-years on parts only where applicable.


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